Raspberry Pi 3 Max EMG With What Board

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Raspberry Pi 3 Max EMG With What Board

Postby norradcom@msn.com » Sat Aug 20, 2016 3:14 pm


I have a requirement to use a Raspberry Pi 3.

I want to be able to support:

five EMG channels and one EKG channel

I get a little confused with your board offerings.

What do I exactly need to order?

Free Style with five emg and one ekg?
Five emg cables and one ekg cable?

Will your BLE board work with Raspberry PI 3 Bluetooth?

I am assuming that I can break/use emg/ekg interfaces wired about 2.5 feet away from A0 - A6 interface and simply connect emg/ekg cables into interface. Is this correct?


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Re: Raspberry Pi 3 Max EMG With What Board

Postby BITalino » Tue Aug 23, 2016 12:42 pm

Hi there,

First of all we'd like to thank you for considering BITalino as a candidate platform. For a 5x EMG + 1x ECG configuration, we believe that the best options would be either the BITalino Core (+ battery, sensors and cables) or the BITalino Plugged Kit (+ additional sensors and cables).

It is important to highlight that the reference / ground electrode is common to all of the sensors, reason for which you only need 3 electrode leads on one of the sensors and the others can use only 2 electrode leads. Please see the following options:

[BITalino Core]
The hardware base would require these components:
1x https://store.plux.info/bitalino-compon ... 21705.html
1x https://store.plux.info/batteries/203-5 ... 23102.html

To keep the costs lower you may want to consider soldering the cables (electrode and connection to the core) directly to the sensor boards, for which you would need these parts:
5x https://store.plux.info/bitalino-sensor ... ctors-none
1x https://store.plux.info/bitalino-sensor ... ctors-none
6x https://store.plux.info/cables/229-open ... cable.html
3x (for the ECG) https://store.plux.info/cables/228-1-le ... ctors-none
10x (for the EMG) https://store.plux.info/cables/228-1-le ... ngth-10_cm

[BITalino Plugged]
The base hardware already includes a few sensors, cables and accessories as seen here:
1x https://store.plux.info/kits/35-bitalin ... 21003.html

In addition you would need:
4x https://store.plux.info/bitalino-sensor ... tors-uc_e6
5x https://store.plux.info/cables/225-sensor-cable.html
4x https://store.plux.info/cables/227-2-le ... cable.html

The setup that we've tested and is known to work with the Raspberry Pi is the Bluetooth version. The BLE should work as well (not tested) but currently we don't have ready-made APIs for that, which means you would have to implement the low-level communication protocol and BLE service layer yourself.

Regarding the cable length, an overall 2.5 feet length is not a problem. Nevertheless, for optimal performance (in terms of noise) you're advised to keep the electrode cables as short as possible and vary the cable length on the connection between the sensor and the MCU.

Best regards,
The BITalino Team

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