I have a damaged cable on the 2-lead / 3-lead accessory... what can I do?

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I have a damaged cable on the 2-lead / 3-lead accessory... what can I do?

Postby BITalino » Thu Apr 30, 2015 10:48 am

As shown in the attached picture, for various reasons it may happen that the electrode cables on the 2-lead and 3-lead accessories break away from the Molex Sherlock Female Socket (3-pins).

In the event this happens, of course the best and easiest option is to purchase a ready-made replacement cable:

Nevertheless, other options are available. Depending on whether the failure happened on the crimp pin or on the Molex Sherlock Female Socket (3-pins), you can simply acquire the part that failed and rebuild a new whole set (note, however, that the crimp pin may may be difficult to crimp manually):


Another possibility (even more low cost), is to re-insert the cable in the plug and attempt to secure it in place by applying super glue on the bottom and cable insertion point of the Molex Sherlock Female Socket (3-pins).

In the later option you need to take care in order to prevent the glue from sliding into the interior of the crimp pin (in such a way that it obstructs or isolates the metal), and also to only insert the 2-lead or 3-lead accessory on the Molex Sherlock Male Plug (3-pins) on the sensor once the glue is completely dry (otherwise it can become permanently attached to the sensor).

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Example of a damaged 2-lead accessory
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