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BITalino via the Raspberry Pi UART with C++ API

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 3:18 pm
by BITalino
When trying to connect the BITalino (r)evolution UART in the Raspberry Pi UART (GPIO14 and GPIO15), changing the test.cpp from:

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BITalino dev("/dev/ttyUSB0");


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BITalino dev("/dev/ttyAMA0);

The result may be the same message obtained if no device is connected to the UART:

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Conection to device...
BITalino exception: The computer lost communication with the device

BITalino (r)evolution uses flow control to transmit data via the UART, so please confirm that the CTS input pin of the BITalino (r)evolution MCU UART interface is connected to GND or to an RTS output from Raspberry Pi.