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Getting around the user interface

Postby BITalino » Mon Feb 22, 2016 12:28 pm

Record Icon | Acquisition Page - Starts an acquisition with the devices you selected on the Device Search and Configuration Page.

Play Icon | Visualization Page - Opens and displays a previously acquired file. You can use the folder on the bottom right to change this file.
Save Icon | File Save Page - Allows you to save the last acquisition. If auto-save is ON, all acquisitions will be saved in {your_docs}/OpenSignals (r)evolution/files.

Schedule Icon | Schedule Page - Allows you to schedule an acquisition to the memory card (only available in the biosignalsplux line).

Download Icon | Download Page - Allows you to download an acquisition from the memory card (only available in the biosignalsplux line).

Magnifying Glass Icon | Device Search and Configuration Page - Allows you to search, configure and enable devices for acquisition.

Wrench Icon | Settings Page - Allows to change your preferences, including the auto-save option.

Shopping Cart Icon | Store Page - Redirects you to our online store.

Question Mark Icon | Help Page - Contains the OpenSignals Manual, software and plugin info and support contacts.

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