Bluetooth Troubleshoot (Windows) - Checking Bluetooth Adapter

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Bluetooth Troubleshoot (Windows) - Checking Bluetooth Adapter

Postby PGoncalves » Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:00 pm

Make sure your Bluetooth adapter is working correctly and the drivers are up to date. You can check this in the Device Manager (check

Once in the Device Manager, under Bluetooth, you should see a Generic Bluetooth Adapter. Update the drivers by right-clicking over it and selecting Update Driver Software....

NOTE: If you are using an external Bluetooth adapter and you already have an internal Bluetooth adapter, you will see one of the Bluetooth Devices under Bluetooth with a yellow warning icon - this device should be your internal Bluetooth adapter and it was disabled in benefit of your external Dongle. If, by any change, your Bluetooth Dongle is the one disabled, you can manually disable your internal Bluetooth Adapter by right-clicking over it and selecting Disable; this action will enable your external Bluetooth adapter by default.

If, after this action, your external Bluetooth adapter continues to display a yellow warning icon, it means that it is not correctly installed and you should try to update the drivers by right-clicking over it and selecting Update Driver Software…, or fix the problem displayed under Device Status in the device properties (right-click the Bluetooth device and select Properties).

NOTE: If your enabled Bluetooth adapter does not state Generic Bluetooth Adapter under Bluetooth, but a different name appears instead (e.g. Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R)), this means that your selected Bluetooth adapter is not using the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack as the Bluetooth handler. To change this, please refer to the Changing to Microsoft Bluetooth Stack thread on our forum:


Now select Search automatically for updated driver software and wait until Windows checks for an updated version of your software.


If your Generic Bluetooth Adapter shows no warning yellow icon , it should be working correctly.

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