Use of electrodes

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Re: Use of electrodes

Postby Begather » Fri Jul 03, 2015 9:37 am

I was looking for this information from last few months and finally got it here on your forum thread. Thanks

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Re: Use of electrodes

Postby BITalino » Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:09 am

Hi there,

If you have any further questions in the future just contact us by e-mail ( and we'll do our best to direct you to the most suitable resources.

Best regards,
The BITalino Team

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Re: Use of electrodes

Postby He414 » Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:41 pm

Hi Carlos,

I'm doing some tests with BITalino where I'm studing some electrodes placement for ECG. In the tests that I havd done, I've tried the triangular placement on the chest, but it has a precise placement of the electrodes, because if I switch them, the positive and negative electrode including the ground, the sinal is not the same.

Can you please, tel me how do you had done the configuration?
Best regards,
Hélio Lounço

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Re: Use of electrodes

Postby He414 » Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:52 pm

Hi again Carlos,

the same problem (as I mentioned in the previous issue about triangular electrodes placement on the chest) had occur me, on ECG aquisition in the hands. You said that the position of the 2 electrodes on the hands is indifferent, but in my tests the signal is a quite different. Am I doing something wrong?

Best regards,
Hélio Lourenço

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Re: Use of electrodes

Postby cazevedo » Tue Aug 01, 2017 1:32 pm

Hi Hélio,

The signal is indeed inverted if you swap the positive electrode with the negative electrode. However this doesn't have any impact on the information that the signal provides and on what can be extracted from it, that is why I refer that the placement order is indifferent.
If you have an algorithm to post process the signal and it was implemented expecting one type of waveform, by inverting the algorithm, it may not work properly and may not be able to extract the intended metrics. However this is just caused by the way the algorithm is implemented, because both signals provide the same information, one is just inverted in relation to the other.

Best regards,
Carlos Azevedo

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